“True Wellness Begins At The Energetic Level”

I believe that there are no accidents in life and that we are divinely guided to exactly where we need to be. Sometimes we listen to this guidance and sometimes we ignore it. If you are here at this site is it possible that you were divinely guided?

Healing is a broad topic. There is emotional healing, physical healing and spiritual healing. I believe that all dis-ease has its roots at either the emotional or spiritual level. Sounds pretty strange I know. However, we are all made of energy, in fact everything around you is made of energy, even your thoughts and emotions are made of energy. This is why stress is so destructive to our physical bodies, stress is an energy that disrupts your normal energy flow and it is well known that it can eventually lead to dis-ease.

Western or Conventional Medicine treats the symptoms. Energy Healing or Holistic Medicine treats the whole person. If you have High Blood Pressure and go to a Medical Doctor you will be given medication which will lower your blood pressure and possibly be told about lifestyle changes. You still have High Blood Pressure and most of the time no one really helps you with how you might accomplish any of the suggested lifestyle changes. Energy healing looks at the underlying reason (often stuck energy) for the high blood pressure and seeks to correct it. Holistic medicine looks at the underlying cause of the high blood pressure and will treat it in a natural way with substances that the body recognizes as good for it, not toxic.  Your lifestyle will be discussed to look at what may be contributing.

Some examples of Energy healing would be Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Soul Realignment, The Emotion Code and Body Code and Reconnective Healing.  Some examples of Holistic medicine might be a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, or Acupuncturist. I am not saying that no one should ever see a medical doctor. If you break a bone or are in a health crisis, Western medicine certainly has it place in those times but still even then I would supplement with Alternative Healing and Holistic Medical Practitioners. A lot of scientific studies have been done in recent years in regards to Alternative Healing methods and its amazing health benefits. If you are still on the fence, do some research. I think you will find it is no longer woo-woo, but based on fact and science!

If you are ready to give Alternative Healing a try I welcome the opportunity to assist you on your path to achieving a Healthy, Successful, Joyous life! Contact me for a free Consultation Today!!  dbarcon@aol.com or schedule now:Schedule

Debbie Barcon